Questions? Of course you’re bound to have some.

That's why we're bound to have a number of convenient ways to be reached. Here's one question
we can answer right from the start. A baker's dozen is 13. Anything else on your mind?

You say you're Homemade, what does that mean?
We take pride in serving foods and baked goods prepared from scratch every day. Homemade means just that: made in-house. Breads are kneaded by hand every morning and baked fresh daily. We hand roll the noodles in our chicken noodle soup. We slowly cook our meats so they will be tender and juicy. Only the best and freshest ingredients are used. Whenever possible, we buy produce from local growers. This means every piece of fruit and every vegetable is at its peak freshness and at the height of its flavor.

I've never been to MCL, what should I know?
Unlike many other restaurants, we offer each guest the chance to personalize his or her own meal. Thanks to individualized pricing, you choose the salad, entrée and sides independently from each other. You're free to mix and match as you see fit.

To get started, just grab a tray and go. It's that easy. Mention it's your first visit and a server will happily guide you. Be sure to look for signs announcing the specials of the day. It's a great way to see what our executive chef recommends.

In our dining room, you'll find water and condiment stations at your convenience. Once seated, you can set your tray aside for a member of our wait staff to pick up. Your attendant will also get you free refills, napkins, and condiments and is available if you decide you would like to order additional food items. Who could resist a second helping of pie?

When you're here, there's no need to clear your plate. Our wait staff will take care of it for you. Should you need one, your attendant will be happy to bring you a to-go container.

Does MCL offer combos?
Yes, every MCL Restaurant & Bakery offers lunch and evening specials, as well as the daily Value Plate. Specials vary by location and day, so make sure to check the in-store signage or ask a server each time you visit.

The Noon Special is available from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Saturday and contains our daily sandwich with your choice of a side salad or vegetable or cup of soup, and a drink. Don't forget to ask about the "Chef's Taste of the Day." These mouthwatering options include the Grilled Anaheim Chile Pork Chop, Teriyaki Chicken, and Veal Parmesan, just to name a few. The Value Plate, which can be ordered all day, every day, offers a reduced portion entrée, two sides and your choice of bread.

How can I locate an MCL near me?
There are over 18 MCL Restaurant & Bakery locations in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. To locate the one nearest you, click here.

How long has MCL been in business?
We first opened our doors in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1950. The restaurant name came from the names of its founders, Charles O. McGaughey and George Laughner. Since then, the family-owned company has grown to over 18 locations in three states: Indiana, Illinois and Ohio.

Today, we operate with the same values we've always carried since we started. Only the freshest, best ingredients go into every meal. Each day our bakers and cooks arrive before dawn to begin preparing the day's menu, guaranteeing we live up to our promise of "Homemade. Every Day."

I have dietary restrictions; does MCL offer options for me?
Yes, we offer many lower-calorie and reduced sugar choices. Regardless of day or time, each location always offers a fish entrée and plenty of fresh fruits, salads and vegetables. And for your sweet tooth, we offer sugar-free Jell-O® and a variety of reduced calorie pies.

Does MCL offer a children's menu?
As a "ready-to-serve" restaurant, we offer even our youngest guests the opportunity to customize their meals. Children can choose from the same healthy choices as their parents. Some of their palate-pleasing picks include fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and the blue Jell-O®. Kids who finish their meals can become members of our "Clean Plater's Club."

Kids and trays can be a handful; will someone be able to help me?
Of course! We take pride in assisting any guest to his or her table. From the moment you walk in, a staff member will ring the "Bell of Service" to summon an attendant. Acting as an extra set of hands, the attendant will walk with you and/or your child to help with selections and carrying the tray to your table.

Does MCL offer carry-out, banquet facilities, or catering?
Yes, all of our locations offer call-ahead and in-store carry-out. Certain locations also offer banquet facilities and/or catering.

Menus vary by location and day. To receive the current menu and order carryout through the location closest to you, click here.

Our banquet facilities are great for any celebration regardless of size. Our event coordinators will look after every detail from the menu to the decorations. They will meet with you to personalize your menu, coordinate deliveries, schedule staff and provide audio/visual support. We hold beer and wine licenses in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio, so we can serve alcohol at your event (please note that alcohol is not served in the restaurants). To learn more about our banquet services and to locate the nearest location with banquet facilities, click here.

From birthday parties to wedding receptions, we are happy to cater your special event. Our event coordinators will meet with you to personalize your menu. To inquire about catering from us in your community, click here.

Can MCL accommodate my large group?
As we always say: The more, the merrier! Every location is eager to tend to the needs of your large group. It may be a large luncheon meeting after Sunday church services or a tour bus full of people, either way, you'll be amazed at our attentiveness and quick service. While we appreciate advanced notice, it's not necessary. You may wish to reserve a private room so that all group members can sit together. To find our locations on your bus route, click here. For information regarding banquet facilities and room rental, click here.

Does your menu change?
Our menu is always changing, allowing you to eat at with us seven days a week without getting bored. To learn what we're cooking up, click here.

At every location you will find several meats, salads, fruits, vegetables, breads and desserts to choose from each day. A few of our original signature dishes, like fried chicken and cloverleaf rolls, are always available. We also offer a wide selection of gourmet options like Cedar Planked Salmon and Grilled Lemon Chicken Breast. Whenever possible, we purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables to ensure the highest quality and freshness. This means that certain menu choices are only available seasonally. For descriptions of our most popular menu items, click here.

Can I get free drink refills at MCL?
Yes, our attendants will be happy to bring free drink refills to your table.

I'd like to take my leftovers home; does MCL offer take-home containers?
Yes, our attendants will be happy to bring carryout containers to your table at the end of your meal. You can even take a drink to-go.

How can I submit comments to MCL?
Our managers look forward to your feedback. We invite you to fill out an in-store comment card on your next visit or click here to submit a comment or suggestion electronically. You can also write us at:

MCL Restaurant & Bakery, Inc.
Corporate Office
Attn: Director of Operations
2730 East 62nd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Does MCL offer gift cards?
Yes, we offer gift cards. They make the perfect gift for any special occasion and can be redeemed at any of our 20 locations. You can purchase gift cards on your next visit with us or by clicking here.

What are MCL's hours?
All locations are open for lunch and dinner. Specific business hours vary by location. To learn when your neighborhood MCL is serving your favorite food, click here. Facility rental outside of normal business hours can be arranged. Please contact an event coordinator for more information.

How can I learn about career opportunities with MCL?
We value our employees and it shows. We are a family run company with an executive staff that boasts an average of 30 years with the company. MCL restaurant employees have an average tenure of 20 years. From the busers to the bakers, we appreciate all of our staff members. To learn more about what makes our employees special, click here.